Mind Maps

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Current Plan 8.4.19

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Prepare a small fundraiser letter to benefit some of the great unhoused organizations around V.C. Get the Overseer’s Total Life Church  paid off at 660 N. Ventura Ave., for one thing.  Get Gayl housed. Make her the poster girl for the corruption of the system, set up a webpage for her for fundraising.

Set up for a personal page for fundraising, repay funds with shares of CarBuyingSerenity profits. From that money, move my daughter here to manage things. 

Write and publicly ask folks where the money, the $1M the city has earmarked for the Mercy House project, is actually going to go. Follow up on the article and try to get the city to break down its distribution of homeless funds honestly. 

Start writing and publishing stories about the 3rd shoe, the murderous intent of the drivers of Ventura County. Examine several examples of intentional hit and runs vs. the unhoused. Tie in to attitude from city–I wonder where that freedom to try to hit people with your car comes from? 

Continue to monitor the HNGZ story on medium. If no one gives a shit, that’s kind of a story itself. Write that story, if necessary.  

Explain with detail and precision exactly how we’re going to end homelessness, and who’s going to fund it. 

Explain the templates.