To The Healing Women of Ventura County

To: The Healing Women of Ventura County

From: P W Robinson

Re: TDC: Paradise Project

Date: 1/6/20

Ladies, a video for your perusal

‘Healers’ by Concrete Chrysalis

If you were born here in Ventura County, how many of you know how blessed a place it really is? Sometimes it’s easy to miss when it’s so close.

How many of you felt drawn to Ventura County by something greater than yourself? 

You felt a calling, a longing, and you might not even be able to trace its origins by examining only your current life. 

You’ve felt disengaged or underutilized for most of your adult  life.

You know you have immeasurable potential inside you, but you aren’t hearing the call often enough these days.

Maybe you’ve wondered lately if it was real…if the thing that called you, whatever it was, would ever present itself.

The truth:

That feeling you had was as real as it gets. You were called, and the projects you’re about to learn about might be what you were called to do. 

Ventura County is a blessed place, that’s why it gets such attention from the little guy and his operatives–they’re cowed by the access our location provides us, and they know too well that a world with all the love and power of Ventura County unleashed does not have a place for them in it. 

A dear friend once told me that Ojai was the most “spiritual” place she’d ever been, and she’d lived in Asheville, another known spirited and spirit-filled area. 

Because she was the wisest and most loving and balanced person I’ve ever met, I came here first chance, some 20 years later. Sure enough…I can feel His presence here quite powerfully. I’d say it feels a little like being in His living room.  

And I’m here for a purpose. Don’t be put-off by my self-description as Christian–don’t think that I’ll preach at you. I never do that. Don’t worry, just relax and you’ll see everything as you walk into it and become a part of it.   

We’re going to begin healing the world, starting today. We’re going to work to end the following societal curses currently plaguing our nation:

A: Homelessness. We’ll end this first, because the fact that we have any women on the street in this nation at this time in our history is appalling and has to end immediately. It helps that this plan is cheap to commence, easy to grade, and is self-funding and sustaining. ‘Paradise’ for the poor is the rough equivalent of $50k a yr., up to $75k in Ca. Or much, much less. We establish Paradise communities and house the graduates of our Paradise program immediately in their own Paradise City. We purchase the complexes and they lease to own their own place. Very simple, basic stuff. We’ll need a small Paradise community in VC, later to become a museum, to prove our point, and the rest are already built in Vegas, sitting empty.  

And we’ll do it first from Ventura County to make an ironic but elegant point, one best enjoyed in the future, upon reflection, possibly with Pinot Noir: the beginning of the end of homelessness will begin in the deadliest place for the homeless in the nation. The homeless death rate here is 3 1/2 times that of Los Angeles County. Same with San Francisco, a place we know to be “teeming with disease”. So how do we lose 82 out of 1620? Start slowly getting your minds around it…I know it can be hard to have the underworld suddenly thrust upon you: 

They kill the homeless here, for sport. 

The sickening and morally repugnant actions and rhetoric of the local press and the city of Oxnard have lead directly to all these murders. I’m going to yell about this from each of the several media outlets currently in development until I‘ve been interviewed by the FBI. We’re going to drag them out, by their heels, into the sunlight. Ll 

The Paradise Project heals first, then houses. It’s a 30 day in-patient program, with the initial focus on healing existing trauma. Then we’ll introduce our renewed sisters and brothers to their gifts and help them direct their energies toward them. 

Money? We’ll have positive ROI from around day ten. And money will never be an issue on this project–everyone will want to help any way they can. .

Not to mention all the different ways to market and monetize the project; apparel, podcasts, reality shows, etc. When homelessness is solved, we’ll convert the templates into first-responder Paradise Projects, eventually to use them to heal our inner cities. This is how we’ll fund peripheral sub-projects, as well as gather support for the next thing. We’ll build and then utilize ThinkDreamCreate Media Productions to get our ideas heard, including The Paradise Press for local interest, we’ll reopen local museums and raise Ventura County toward the Heavens, with a goal of becoming a modern-day Athens, a place of thoughts and ideas, of inspiration and solutions, of warmth and love. This happens over time, of course, but the idea that we make our own future from this moment forward is of immediate import. 

B: We’ll end suicide, particularly among veterans. This is far more expensive, because we have to find them and bring them to us, but again, we won’t only be getting our heroes out of harm’s way– saving lives–we’ll be raising them to their highest potential. And that’s not an expense, it’s a societal obligation. Along the way, we’ll be exposing ‘mental healthcare for the poor’ for the dumpster fire it is, and solving that as well. Again, we’re going to replace what doesn’t work with what works, using only treatments we know will help. Radical, huh? 

C. We’ll be imposing the Rule of Weed on ‘healthcare for the poor’ –I’ll assume psychiatrists are already there– as well as imposing mandatory written testing and specific treatments for new patients. The Rule of Weed is simply ‘weed before pills in all cases’. For example, if weed is known to be 100% effective versus depression, and it is, why in the world would anyone prescribe prozac first? And since we know this is true, who would stand against changing it immediately? You know who. 

I’d like to gather a few dozen of the healing ladies of Ventura County together for a night of guitar and fellowship without all the fellows. I’d love to tell you all about the Paradise Project in overwhelming detail, answer all questions, and perform and tape the full 60 min. show ‘Demons of Ventura County’, for the first and only time, free of charge. For the gals. 

If it sounds like fun, let’s find a place that can hold at least 100 lively ladies, let’s charge $95 per gentleman, if seating is available, and let’s consider whether we should consider having a little wine tasting or seminar. It feels…wrong, somehow…to let any encounter with a group of women pass without some kind of wine involvement.

P W Robinson

805 663 6145

We’re particularly hoping for some nurses and aides who have worked in locked facilities to attend this first meeting, but compassion, energy, social marketing skills, or a little donate-able time are immediately useful.

Note: none of our initiatives accept donations at this time. Leave your checkbooks at home.