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Re: Death House Tip

Here we go again! This is where I’ll continue to goad the media, local and otherwise, to do their jobs. What else can I do? 

The tip I sent two weeks ago, like any tip I’ve ever sent, leads to a legit story. 

It isn’t what I thought it might be, not yet anyway, but it’s still an informative way to expose human cruelty, human greed and depravity, and local media collusion and incompetence, some of my specialties. 

I actually had to go to the location myself because our media are so weak here, and when I asked the manager about the double bunks he’d told me about, he let me know he was an English major and an honest fellow. There was a long pause…until I understood that he meant if someone asked if he had double bunks for rent, he would always answer no. He does not rent double beds, he rents rooms, and if you rent a room for a long enough period in advance, he doesn’t care if you change the furniture. 

Migrant farmworkers, sleeping four to a room, in the very center of Ventura. Rodeway Inn. ‘Rancho Nuevo’ is the warden of those rooms, and has a long bus for transport, a van that stays mostly on-property, and a real thirst for preying on the helpless.

They also sport large, muscular fellows ‘guarding’ the front entrance to the motel, which has no other exit–a safety violation under any circumstances. 

That’s it! Everything else below is off-topic meandering. 

Now…that’s a legit story, and if you need me to, I’ll write it for you. I hope next time you’ll pay more attention when I send a tip, because I have a few more in reserve. 

Thank you, and stay safe. 

P W Robinson

805 663 6145

Why is it a story that interests me? Because human cruelty and depravity is something I began writing about after personally experiencing the ‘hospitality’ of the brave Oxnard City Boys toward the homeless. This is right in my wheelhouse, you could say. 

In this case here, we have the lives of these fellas placed in danger because they just don’t matter. They’re the wrong color, wrong origin, just cannon fodder. No one will look out for them, but just think of ALL that money saved by doubling them up like animals! 

You know you live in a corrupt county when all the hair salons are closed but all the tattoo parlors are open. 

It’s pay to play here, unless the ability to directly transmit hepatitis through your work renders it a necessary service. It seems counter-intuitive.

So Rancho Nuevo pays local criminals, cops and others, for the right to operate and traffick openly, and it pays the Star, one way or another, for their work. 

 But what about the voters of this county? Do they deserve to have these virus-carrying strangers hopping all over their county, while everyone else has to be separated by six feet? I think the answer is no. What do you guys think?

Another thing, on a personal note: if sleeping four total strangers, without ID or history, new to this country, in a motel room is going to be tolerated, then I would strongly recommend that the quarantine conditions the Oxnard Mercy House shelter is currently under be lifted immediately.

If not, I’ll make a BIG fucking deal about this special treatment we’re receiving. No other shelter in this area of California has any similar restrictions, of course. This is just an Oxnard thing, naturally, and I hope they understand that their payment, in full, is right around the corner. 

If you’re thinking I’m too involved in breaking the ‘Ventura County highest homeless death rate in the nation for five years in a row’ story to write about this other aggression, you’re dead wrong. 

That particular story of the year candidate will naturally make its way to the surface, don’t worry. And soon, I think. 

In fact, a brief examination of the dozens of ‘hit and run deaths of homeless folks’ articles that have been scrubbed from the VCStar website would get any journalist worthy of the title headed in the right direction. Dozens.

Heck, you might even find a pile of my own stuff, also scrubbed, including a letter the mayor read into the record at a city council meeting. 

However, once I began writing about local shitbaggery, both papers that had been printing my stuff scrubbed their sites of my work. 

Below is an article specifically written by the VCStar to quiet potential complaints about these strangers to our land hopping around all over town. 

As always seems to be the case with this rag, the real story is not even mentioned. This article, like all the previous VCStar articles on the homeless issue, and probably most others, is simply a press release from the perps. The VCStar wrote the ‘Rancho Nuevo’ position paper for them. Talk about full-service!

Everything contained in all these ‘humanitarian’ articles are lies, and every single point is spun by rank amateurs or, possibly, small children.

How in the world did she not stumble on the ‘four to a room during a pandemic’ business model? Let’s just say she wasn’t looking.

The simplest way to understand this story and the lack of local press interest in these conditions is to try to put yourself in the following mindset. It ain’t easy for most of us, but the press here has to live and work with these creatures, so they’ve assimilated quite well.

You’re male, you come from a white family with money, you’ve never been told no, and you believe the less fortunate are less, period. 

This world exists for you to cavort in, any damage you cause to others is just the price they pay to exist in your world, and you never let anyone think that you think they are your equal. 

Laughing while in the performance of casual cruelty are the moments you feel most alive. If you can hit a homeless person with your vehicle, you’ll do it, and you support both the perps and those who cover up those kinds of crimes. 

You’re a demoned-up miscreant, a daily drain on the quality of human life, and you’ll do anything for the little guy. 

There it is: the Oxnard and Ventura County official mindset toward the homeless. 

If the homeless were as safe here in mild, warm, laid back, privileged, slow driving Ventura County as they are in San Francisco, or San Diego, or Los Angeles County, we would have had 28 homeless die last year of our tiny population of 1600 and change. 

We had 82 homeless deaths last year. 

Hit and run death is a crime everywhere else. 

I checked. ‘Homicide’ is what folks are calling it out there. 

Journalists are notorious for protecting their own, but those from outside the area need to cut the Star loose. They ain’t gonna survive this. Don’t catch what they’ve got.

A week from today, I’ll start to make this much, much larger story more about the lack of interest from the media in intentionally unsolved homicides.

Time for us all to declare who we really work for.

Good day.

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