For the consideration of Ventura County musicians

I have 35 or 40 complete original instrumental tunes that are in need of a soloist. They range from hard trap to trapsoul to minor key blues and fusion.

I’m looking for a female soloist, perhaps a violinist who would enjoy putting her mark on some brand-new music.

I’m a person who doesn’t need or like the spotlight. My guitar playing isn’t the focal point of this music, and I won’t even take credit for the melodies. These songs were given to me in complete form. I add some spoken word passages once in a while, mostly encouraging folks to look for the gifts He gave all of us.

When I play these songs in public, I’ll be sitting down, so someone with visual flair and soloing ability would help immensely to create certain specific moods.

If you like what you hear, we can figure out how to get an act together. When the pandemic lifts, we can move forward.

If you want to explore options, get back to me and I’ll send you a bunch of tracks. If you have original music, send me yours. Let’s do 50-50 of each.

I’m sixty years old, I have the energy of a dozen teenagers, I don’t see the point in doing covers.

06.01.20 Hi, Kay! Getting closer on the tone, I think. New stuff, too.

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