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Current Plan 8.4.19

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Prepare a small fundraiser letter to benefit some of the great unhoused organizations around V.C. Get the Overseer’s Total Life Church  paid off at 660 N. Ventura Ave., for one thing.  Get Gayl housed. Make her the poster girl for the corruption of the system, set up a webpage for her for fundraising.

Set up for a personal page for fundraising, repay funds with shares of CarBuyingSerenity profits. From that money, move my daughter here to manage things. 

Write and publicly ask folks where the money, the $1M the city has earmarked for the Mercy House project, is actually going to go. Follow up on the article and try to get the city to break down its distribution of homeless funds honestly. 

Start writing and publishing stories about the 3rd shoe, the murderous intent of the drivers of Ventura County. Examine several examples of intentional hit and runs vs. the unhoused. Tie in to attitude from city–I wonder where that freedom to try to hit people with your car comes from? 

Continue to monitor the HNGZ story on medium. If no one gives a shit, that’s kind of a story itself. Write that story, if necessary.  

Explain with detail and precision exactly how we’re going to end homelessness, and who’s going to fund it. 

Explain the templates. 





From Oxnard to Paradise

A minor and recent rewrite of an old post from SongOfSantaPaula.com

From Oxnard to Paradise

What I’d like to see happen with the 24hr shelter is that we keep it in the family. The Oxnard/Ventura County family. 

If we collect the necessary funding to operate the thing for the next 12 months, after the first of the year, maybe we’ll ask the City to help us out with rent. Not a handout, just a nice rate. 

Then we commence the TDC Level Two Discovery Shelter, start with 24 of the readiest residents from the Oxnard 24hr. 

I think I would then contact social scientists from around the country and the world to look in very closely on how we do with this initial group and all the groups to follow. We would then provide running commentary and reviews of strategies/efficacies and, above all, return-to-work rates. We’ll measure our success in restored lives, with pay stubs and rent receipts for proof. 

The level 2 shelters will run at 90%. After 30 days in a level 2 shelter–far too much time–we’ll graduate taxpayers at a rate above 90. At least this first group, and that’s the beauty of it. 

When I pitch the level 2 shelter concepts to our scientist friends, I think I’ll promise something outrageous, like a 30% success rate. ‘From homeless to taxpayer in 30 days’.

 I would not be surprised if they think that if we could get 15% through to a paycheck, it’d be a minor miracle. 

What they can’t know is that these folks are ready–they are already full blown characters, at least as much as anyone living indoors could ever be. I mean, there are guys with more character in their hat than I have on a good day in all of me. The Internet is made for these folks. 

So the fix is in. When we publish our astounding findings and results, Ventura County will be on the map as a place of healing, which it clearly already is. We’ll bring in conferences to discuss the ending of homelessness worldwide, and embrace our role as leaders and innovators of this movement.

Worried about an influx of the homeless here? We’ve proven to be remarkably immobile, or everyone would already be here. We want the base of the operation to be Ventura County, but we go out and deliver  level 2 elsewhere, to other nearby areas first, then further away. But our incubator–our laboratory, if you will– will be here. In lovely, precious Ventura County. We’ll get any missteps out of the way here and export perfect templates.

We’ll also tape a lot of it for a reality show that can serve as the introductory program for the ThinkDreamCreate channel. A new kind of reality show, where folks are good to each other, and conflict is virtually non-existent. Where joy is on open display. Scandalous!

The templates for this experiment are well-proven and rock-solid. Simplified, we’re laying the mental health template over top of the 24 shelter template. So that means there are 3 or 4 group sessions a day. The rest of the time will be spent in study of and appreciation for themselves, a celebration of discovery and empowerment. 

They’ll learn enough about their own abilities and desires to make a decision regarding the near future–they’ll be equipped to answer the question of ‘how will I generate income’, by changing the question to ‘ how will I generate income first’.

Graduates of level two will have the option of joining the Paradise Project, in which we build communities from companies and vice-versa, where everyone is compensated at a certain minimum level. 

Where each of us is complicit in the happiness of everyone else. 

Call it $45k per adult, with the opportunity to earn as much as you want. Figure a monthly check for 1/12th of $40k with the other $35k used to pay for everything else. Housing, amenities, food. Nest-egg investment initiatives. 

Want to go somewhere? Call a driver. Want to travel somewhere? Call our local travel agent, fully stocked with the kind of travel deals a buying conglomerate can leverage. Need cooked food? Order it for delivery. 

Order everything in, laundry, cleaning, cooking. Never spend one minute doing anything tedious. Why? Because it’s always going to be more economical to pay to free up that time for work. Free focused work time is what we need…by the ocean, or up in the mountains, maybe. 

 Whatever environment will inspire your best work is worth any additional expenditure that might be necessary.

Go there, to that place, and build your company from community, and make a community of it going forward, into cities. I wonder what kind of marketing company/community could be built–living within the very template you espouse, proving its efficacy in real time–demonstrating the awesome power of your product all day long. That’s what it will be like here, and people won’t quite be ready to be confronted by former unhoused that don’t need their help anymore. Maybe that’ll be a day of healing.

 Use your time working and learning, growing and creating. Working on your non-profit idea while managing your business–the business of YOU, Inc.–with one letter, one tweet, and one post per day. Maybe a phone call. 

As these apartment complexes grow into townships and cities, the $35k min wage positions will mostly be taken by folks working on something else and wanting something to do. There’s no 40 hour work week, unless you need that to feel whole.

There will be folks who don’t seem to contribute, the ‘unhoused’ of Paradise. Never fear, they have a safe place for their stuff. They just like to be outdoors sometimes. And when they’ve thought about things enough, they’ll go to work, on something they love to do, something they have a world-class rendition of.

He made us that way.